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Product Review

Review of Breakthrough List Building by Jennifer C Taylor.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that the money is in the list. And, I’ve paid for products in the past that promised to teach me everything I’d need to know to have a successful list. Needless to say, I was not always impressed. So, when I got the opportunity to review Jennifer C Taylor’s BREAKTHROUGH List Building Course, I thought “Oh, here’s another one of these.”

Here’s what I discovered…. Jennifer is known in the Internet Marketing world for a few things..

1. Her integrity.

2. The way she is able to explain technology jargon in words the non-techie can understand

3. Her ability to break complex tasks down into simple steps that work.

Well, this course definitely showcases her ability to break down a process and teach it in a step-by-step system. BREAKTHROUGH List Building is basically the exact, system that every “guru” on the web uses to make money. And, here’s the “But”…. BUT, it’s laid out in simple terms that even “newbies” can understand.

Here’s BREAKTHROUGH List Building in a nutshell:

B – BEGIN at the Beginning.

R – RELATIONSHIPS are Important.

E – ENGAGE with Real People.

A – ARTICLES breakthrough Anonymity

K – KICK-START Viral Marketing

T – TEMPT Targeted Traffic

H – HIGHLIGHT Your Link Everywhere

R – REAP the Rewards of JV’s and Affiliates

O – OPTIMISE for Search Engines

U – UNLOCK the Power of Social Media

G – GROW Your List With…

H – HARMFUL Actions to Avoid

Now, when I review a product, I always try to give an honest review. So, in looking at this course, is it worth the money charged?

Absolutely. It’s worth that and more. The three bonuses are pretty great… and I’ll let you into a secret – there are 3 more bonuses inside!

Are there any negatives? Honestly, I can’t think of any, unless it’s that the the recordings aren’t perfect quality – the odd stumble here and there. How’s that for a negative? (I tried to come up with one!)

My review of this product is.. for this price it’s kind of a no-brainer for anyone interested in having a successful online business.

If you’re a newbie, you NEED this course.

If your list is already rocking, you will still find some valuable nuggets of information.

If you’re in the middle somewhere you can absolutely benefit from this course.

Jennifer offers an eBook that is a complete overview of BREAKTHROUGH List Building. You can get a copy with the product on this page .

I know you’ll learn something valuable from it, and I hope that it will entice you to jump into the full course. You won’t regret it.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guru or an
affiliate marketer, you need the strategies that
Jennifer teaches teach you in this course. She’ll show you
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But, it does start with making money, having freedom,
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Email 3

Hi, {!firstname},

Retired teacher Jennifer Taylor wanted to earn an online income in
her spare time, so she studied online marketing and found there were
many different methods being taught by tons of different marketers.

She quickly learned though that most marketers agreed on one thing,
list building was the most effective way to generate an online
income (how many times have you been told that?) and so the teacher
became the student.

She studied and studied and took the best from everything she
learned and then she had a breakthrough, why not put the best of
everything she had learned, add some fresh methods and see what
happened …

… this is the result.

Jennifer has spent over 12 months tweaking and perfecting her list
building technique and the result is a brilliant course that can
help you build a real responsive mailing list in no time at all.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a list of thousands or haven’t
got started yet this is a course that will help you.

You know the money is in the list, and more importantly the
relationship you have with your list; Jennifer’s product will teach
you how to build a list of responsive subscribers that will want to
buy from you.

Plus it get’s better…

Breakthrough List Building has just launched at $17 but I have
managed to secure you an amazing deal which lets me offer it to you
for an unbelievable $4.95!  This is an amazing deal at this price.

Until next time…

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P.S. As well as the amazing price there are also some fast mover
bonuses in place so make sure you check this out now.

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Retired teacher has a List Building Breakthrough

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This simple, yet powerful 30-step system will show you how to grow your list and start making more money than you ever expected from your list. Do I have your attention yet? Then visit to get your copy of Breakthrough List Building today.

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